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The “Jewels” of MLM

By Jaclyn Ianetti

The creation behind the business of some MLM companies can be rather motivational.  It all starts out with a vision…and each entrepreneur is an artist as they pave the way towards making manifestation out of their creative visions.

I call them “jewels”…emblems of inspiration, motivation, and creativity.

So speaking of jewels, let’s take a look at some of the stories behind the making of MLM jewelry companies that are thriving today and their benefits of success.

* * * *

One thing woman love is jewelry…and the opportunity for creating their own jewelry for personification to their unique spirits can most definitely spark an interest.

Companies like Origami Owl and Lia Sophia enable many woman to partake in this…

Origami Owl is a home party company with a unique line of personalized jewelry.  Founded in 2010 by a teenager named Bella, this company is a hot topic amongst many.  Bella’s dream of wanting to buy her very own car for her 16th birthday was the motivation to coming up with the money to achieve what she desired most.  She spent hours hosting jewelry parties rather than going out with friends and doing the “norm” teenagers do.  So in short, she sacrificed…and her sacrifice, perseverance, patience, & endurance paid off big time!

By “cashing in” on her own creative abilities, Bella sent a signal to the universe that brought back to her an abundance in “cashing in” from others, resulting in high incomes.  Her concept was simple: to allow people the complete freedom to make personalized jewelry and wear their own living lockets.  She created a transparent glass locket that could hold unique charms and trinkets.  Designers and customers could then choose the trinkets or charms they wanted to place in the locket.

The idea spread and Bella found herself with so much business that it was impossible to satisfy the demand all by herself.  Origami Owl then became national, enabling people to enroll in the company to become direct distributors and even investors!  Today, Origami Owl’s signature jewelry collections are sold exclusively through Independent Designers at home parties and events.  Guests at Origami Owl parties custom design their own jewelry with lockets, charms and hand-stamped metal plates that have personal meaning.  Origami Owl Designers can get started with start-up packages ranging from $199.00 to $2,599.00.


Lia Sophia is another company with another inspiring story and message that makes in-demand and reasonably priced fashion jewelry.

You can read some of the stories on the Origami Owl & Lia Sophia website for yourself, as plenty of people share their experiences.

The beginning of the journey usually starts off like this: Many people are coming to the eye-opening realization that using SEO (search-engine optimization), such as the most-used internet market place Google, can provide opportunities to make extra money.  People can make a fairly decent salary from home, which is amazing today, as we suffer the disadvantages of a horrible economy…where many find themselves to be completely jobless!

For many people, especially women, finding a work-at-home option like the Origami Owl and Lia Sophia Company can be a true blessing.  The internet is filled with opportunities but finding the right one, which will motivate you and still provide an easy income, is not easy.  Some companies provide products that are difficult to sell or are just too expensive, while others do not provide sufficient compensation.  That is most likely the reason why the these two companies created what they did…by allowing distributors or representatives to create unique, personalized lockets for customers at discounted rates.

Sparking your “jewel” of Interest?

If you are interested in one of these companies, simply sign up to become a distributor or designer for the company by buying one their packages offered.  The company assigns you to a mentor or your mentor will be the person you signed up under.  Once you have signed up, you get the company brochure, the company product line and other sales products.

These companies works on two income models. As a direct designer, you are free to design and sell products to your own customers and then in return, you receive a percentage of the product sales.

You are also free to recruit members to your own team.  With every member you recruit, you will get an additional bonus and a percentage of the sales they make.  Apart from these two methods, the companies also encourages get-togethers where customers can be shown new product lines.  Designers and mentors can work together to set up a jewelry parties, or a the “JEWELRY BAR” …in the language of Origami Owl!


The hostess gets a percentage of the sales and they also get free jewelry depending on the sales made at the party.

This is why jewelry MLM companies are great to get involved with because it opens the invitation of hosting jewelry parties…and these parties are the perfect place to bond with potential people to get onboard!

Jewelry parties are a social situation…and this is a great pre-requisite to money-making efforts.

All  of the studies done on why distributors join and stay with network marketing companies point to the top factors as personal and emotional:

Bonding with company leadership;

Bonding with field leadership;
Bonding with company vision;
And Bonding with the product itself.

All of these connections are visceral and personal.

And at a jewelry party, you are engaging with others…allowing bonding to take place on a personal level…encouraging trust and sharing similar interests and passions…all of which are a great helping hand to developing potential partners in your business!

There is no substitute for the personal connection if you intend to be successful in recruiting and network marketing!!!

* * *

Some of the personal stories of people getting involved with MLM companies share a common theme: a thread of blessings.  They are blessed with instructions and general guidelines of an already existing company, and it is now their duty to pay it forward and share it with others.

Fast forward to today, Origami Owl and Lia Sophia have thousands of Independent Designers who host jewelry parties.

I’m sure the stories of others touches the heart of the founders of these companies themselves to know that people are passionately apart of their journey.

Every creation serves as a reminder of who you are, where you have been, where you are going and the dreams you carry in your heart.  So, look inside yourself to get involved in a company such as the ones mentioned in this article and create fun, fashionable, meaningful jewelry that is as unique as you are.

If jewelry isn’t your thing?  Find another company that stirs your passions, whether that be health, beauty/skincare, holistic products, etc. and think about becoming an independent worker from one of these companies.  OR…even better…create your OWN…just as teenager Bella did with Origami Owl!

Drive towards your Dreams…Desire is the Fire

Young entrepreneurs such as Bella inspire us…and serve as a wonderful role-model and muse to represent an epitome of empowerment for future generations of souls who have a vision they wish to be manifested.

With a focus in sight, you can hold onto to the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Bella’s birthday wish was buying her own car….so that desire was the fire to her driving towards her dreams…and then her dreams enabled her to literally drive!…in her brand new white Jeep!

Find the “jewel” of your own heart…your inspiration center…and drive towards it.  Your reward?  A vehicle you can drive that takes you to your most wildest, deepest dreams of your heart…(your imagination)… and shows you no limits towards endless opportunities all of which will lead to success.

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